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“The bee takes the honey and he sets the flower free. Man takes the honey and he gets stuck in it. Men get so intelligent that they’re stupid. Man is a child that can’t accept his natural functions.”


“Americans can’t make good cigarettes”


“I get people to read things to me sometimes . I have enough trouble getting out what’s in me already without having to consider what other people are saying. Besides, I can’t concentrate on print, I need one of those kid’s books with huge letters.”


“I could have made it many times, but I had to make my creative contribution, you know?”


“New York is a slow turtle with diarrhea”


"I feel like everyone else’s been asleep. All along. And they’d better wake up."


“Those people over there take too many showers”





“The concept seemed to be that you take the raw blues elements – the John Lee Hooker idea, Howlin’ Wolf – down to its purest sound … a grunt maybe, something abstract, and then you take your John Coltrane crazy time-signature, free-jazz thing, and hybridise them, and this is what you come up with. Well, it’s a great idea.” Ry Cooder















Για πρόσβαση στο chat, αντιγράφω την παρακάτω (παλιά) διεύθυνση σε νέα καρτέλα


(ή επιλέγω όπως πριν το buruburu)


και αντικαθιστώ το μπούρου μπούρου με παρλαπίπα (εις την αγγλικήν)











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Γέφυρες του μάντισον

Γέφυρες του μάντισον

Malista..poios xerei ti tha

Malista..poios xerei ti tha akousoume kai simeris..Gospel?

more evil

The first passage will allow the demon to manifest itself in the flesh.

argoun poli na mpoun ta

argoun poli na mpoun ta sholia..

ο δικαστής θα αποφανθεί δια

ο δικαστής θα αποφανθεί δια χαλασμένα ψυγεία σήμερα ε;;όπα όπα..

how dude am i??

you are so un-dude.....

how dude am i??

well, that's your opinion, man.....

eki eki eki tapang!

eki eki eki tapang!