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Nice, Nice, Very Nice


Oh a sleeping drunkard

Up in Central Park,

And a lion hunter

In the jungle dark

And a Chinese dentist

and a British queen-

All fit together

In the same machine

Nice, nice, very nice

Nice, nice, very nice

so many different people

In the same device





frank zappa













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Γέφυρες του μάντισον

Γέφυρες του μάντισον

Malista..poios xerei ti tha

Malista..poios xerei ti tha akousoume kai simeris..Gospel?

more evil

The first passage will allow the demon to manifest itself in the flesh.

argoun poli na mpoun ta

argoun poli na mpoun ta sholia..

ο δικαστής θα αποφανθεί δια

ο δικαστής θα αποφανθεί δια χαλασμένα ψυγεία σήμερα ε;;όπα όπα..

how dude am i??

you are so un-dude.....

how dude am i??

well, that's your opinion, man.....

eki eki eki tapang!

eki eki eki tapang!